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Indoor Distance Vision
Gradal RD lenses feature a distance portion allowing clear visin of objects up to 10 feet away. This means total freedom of movement when walking around the office.  Gradal RD is not suitable for driving.

Four Times the Intermediate Area
With its extremely wide progressive channel, Gradal RD outperforms any other  progressive lens in the important intermediate range.

Twice the Reading Area
Gradal RD lenses offer precise vision in a reading area twice as large as the one offered by regular progressives.

Great for Bifocal and Progressive Lens Wearers
Even Bifocal wearers will appreciate the vision and the cosmetics without an annoying dividing line on the lens.  Progressive lens wearers will enjoy the extremely wide fields of view that are unmatched by any conventional progressive lens.  Recommend Gradal RD to these  large groups of your presbyopic customers as an additional pair of glasses.

No Reflections with Zeiss ET Coatings
To reduce disturbing reflections of unflattering indoor light (i.e. monitor screen), we  recommend anti-reflective Zeiss ET coatings which also increase light transmission through the lens.

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New Large and Growning Target Group
Gradal RD is the first real progressive lens specially tailored for "indoor" professionals.  It is ideal for computer users, doctors, dentists, craftsmen, artists and laywers who have high requirements for their intermediate and near vision.  The wide range of vision also  allows more enjoyment during leisure activities (i.e. handcraft work, playing a musical instrument or painting).

Ideal for Computer Work
With Gradal RD, you can see the keyboard and the screen at the same time, eliminating  the need for frequent head movements and peeking over or exchanging eyeglasses.  Reading spectacles only provide clear vision at close range.  The perception of the surroundings remains unsharp  (A).  Gradal RD is engineered for Room Distance and offers smooth, crisp vision for all activities in an indoor environment (B).  There is no need to keep putting on and taking off  spectacles.  Gradal RD also combines superior visual comfort with immediate adaptation.

Gradal Chart

The chart above shows various lens types with the ranges of vision and the width of field that the wearer experiences.  Where other lenses show restrictions either in one area or the other, Gradal RD offers undisturbed and perfectly comfortable vision in an indoor environment.

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